Monday, April 16, 2007

Pointless fun

I don't often find time for all those little fun quizzes anymore; you know, the really long ones with about fifty questions each, that take you about an hour to get through (especially if you're me and you want to make sure all your answers are at least mildly entertaining). I do, however, log into myspace every day or two, and I am always amazed at how many my friends fill out. Occasionally I read through them.

Today I read two amusing bulletins. The first asked a series of questions, and depending on how many of your answers were "yes," you could find out just what your percentage of redneck was. (I was 40% and Brian 38%. I blame the fact that I was a girl scout, lived on a lake, and worked on my cousin's farm. It's okay though. According to this highly technical quiz, you can only officially call yourself a redneck if your score is over 50%. ) My questions are, though, what is frog gigging? Who asks if you've ever been sprayed with deer pee? And do I even want to know?

The second bulletin I liked was, of course, about Red Sox fans and what they will know. Those I found most amusing were that the green monstah seats are HIGHLY valuable and if you have a seat there you are wicked lucky, and that Red Sox fans know that every ball hit ovah the green monstah lands on Lansdowne Street. Yeah, I just think the Boston accent is funny. Plus everything was "wicked" when I was a kid. I didn't realize how much I said it until I met a girl from Louisiana or somewhere. I resolved then to stop saying it unless I was describing a witch.

Ah, the little things.

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