Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Is it the weekend yet? It's so beautiful outside that I just want to live like a kid again, riding bikes and swimming at the lake. Oh well. I'm hoping it will be nice enough on Saturday for me to take Tommy to a pool. I think it's supposed to get cooler though... We'll see.
I made another purchase today. I bought my first woot. It sells at for $44.99 with a list price of $70.00. (I paid $19.99.) I still can't really afford it, but I don't like our mop, and it's clearly practical, assuming it works. I'll let you know. (Exciting, huh?!)
Now for pictures:

Tommy showing off his ChuckECheese tattoo (yesterday)

Flower box just before full bloom (Sunday)

Same flower box this morning... in full bloom with lots of pretty flowers but looking dry and almost ready to go by. I hope they last longer than that. They're much smaller than I expected. Oh well. They're still pretty. Maybe I'll win the lottery this summer, after they go by, and then I'll plant some already-potted flowers. Riiiiight. (Yes, I am that broke right now.)

Back to the sox game!

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