Friday, January 13, 2006


Yes, soooo.....

I ordered new eyeglasses on Sunday, and they came in this week. I have been sort of excited about them because I have been feeling the need for a real change, and these are, so far, at least partially satisfying that need. When Brian saw them he was surprised that I picked them out, calling them "retro." (If you don't know me as well as he does, be advised that I usually look for a combination of classy, elegant, and somewhat refined. That's not to say that I succeed there, of course... especially given my non-existent budget, but it's my at-least-want-to-be taste.) The new glasses are a bit more fun but also a lot more bold. I have been wanting to share but have not even come close to posting a picture of myself wearing them. However, we were watching Outrageous TV Moments (or something like that) tonight with Thomas, and we were getting silly, as we tend to do. I offered to let Thomas try on the new glasses, and he liked that idea. I was a bit disturbed that he looked better wearing them than did I. On the other hand, they weren't particularly masculine, so they didn't stay on for long. Of course I did have to snap a couple of pictures, and I will share two of those below. The pictures make me laugh. He looks so insanely serious in the first picture, and then in the second picture, it is as clear as heaven that I asked him to smile. My little nut. Oh, how much I love him.

Someone I worked with at my previous job told me that the little boy in Love Actually reminded her of Thomas, and others agreed. I don't know if anyone would catch that in pictures, but it's sort of true. Well, I guess it's true that my co-workers thought that... What I mean is that some of his expressions are similar, even to me. Of course I'm partial to my Thomas (the actor in Love Actually is also named "Thomas"), no offense to the Thomas in Love Actually.
Anyway, here are the pictures.

Have a great weekend!

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