Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Honest to Betsy

Yikes! It has been WAY too long. This year has been tough, and I've been busier than a bee, but then, you'll have that. (Holy ADPi flashback!) Rather than fill you in on all that you've missed I figure I'll just dive right in. Sound good? Hope so.

It's that time of year again. We've been to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch, and the boys' Halloween costumes are ready. I've been making pumpkin bread and have the zucchini ready to go. I'm once again dreaming of planting pumpkins and zucchini in our own garden. (If you know when I should plant either (spring, I presume, but still... ), and/or have any special instructions, please let me know!) I really don't remember loving Halloween THIS much when I was growing up. It was fun, sure, but wow... Now I get to decorate and watch my own kids get super excited. I'm starting to understand the craze behind the holiday. It really is pure fun.

Now that we have a house, I really want to decorate, but I have super limited funds, so I'm looking for no-cost craft solutions. Any ideas? Brian's mom was just here for a visit and brought me a huge bag full of handed down yarn (Yippee!), some of which was super bright orange... Pumpkins, perhaps? Do you think if I make some pumpkins and hang them from the railing outside, they will fade just a bit? I was thinking of combining two strands; one of orange and one of something slightly less blinding. We'll see. I want to make ghosts too... and maybe a black cat or two. Of course, I have been blessed with an outpouring of requests for my knitted goodies, so I really need to start with those. There just isn't enough time for everything. *Sigh.* Same old, same old.

Of course, I can't leave you without a picture. Or two. Or three. I mean, you have missed SO much already.

I'll try not to disappear for months this time.

(They're all there; look closely!)

And one of these days, maybe I'll finish updating my photo blog.... At this rate it could be a while. :(


mj said...

If you havent checked this blog out, you def should. She has some cute (and really inexpensive) decoration ideas and she just did a whole bunch of posts about Halloween decor. :)

SJ said...

Love it! Thank you!