Thursday, April 30, 2009

Officially Spring

Thank you for all the nice congratulations. It was hard to wait to share our news; we really can't wait to meet our newest little munchkin. I know we will be very busy, especially at first, but I think it will be good for Gabe to have a little brother or sister so close in age to play with. We are about to start looking at houses again, this time with a lot more urgency! Hopefully that sense of urgency will be the push we need to make it work out this time. I am trying to be cautiously optomistic!

As we await the arrival of our littlest bean, we keep ourselves very busy. The weather has been beautiful, so we've taken lots of neighborhood walks. Last weekend's heat wave brought out all our baseball gloves too, amongst other things. I look forward to a day when we can all play ball together. Of course it's fun to watch Gabe run around now too, but I think we might need a good fenced in yard with the house... he doesn't go quite as fast as Tommy used to (yet), but he does like to explore, so he sure keeps me going!

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