Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning

I somehow managed to accidentally delete all the photos that were on the memory card mid-Easter Egg Hunt, so some of the best from the morning were lost and I had to recreate a couple!

...Gabe is currently sleeping in a playpen in the living room (long story), and it's a good thing he was the last one to wake up because the Easter Bunny hid one of Tommy's eggs within Gabe's reach, and even though I went out to get him almost instantly, he already had two pieces of egg in his playpen and was holding out a piece of candy wrapper in one hand and the candy in the other. I think I caught him just in time!

They both loved hunting for (all 40) eggs. Of course Gabe especially loved the animal crackers too. Tommy was very sad at bed time that Easter was over, but he has lots of time for more excitement this week (Spring Break)!

I hope you enjoyed your celebrations!


Becky said...

So Cute! Cody never did like hunting eggs, and no longer wanted to dye them at all by the time he was 7. Just a year or two later, he gave up even wanting a basket.

On the other hand, he believed in Santa Claus until he was 13. It all balances out.

Tina said...

My guys 12 and 14 still love to find Easter Eggs--Joey doesnt care to color them any more though