Monday, November 10, 2008

You Know You're a Mom When

...Your lunch consists of a Lean Cuisine and a packet of Transformers fruit snacks.

...You look down at 11 AM and realize that you've been working all morning with a big splotch of oatmeal right in the middle of your shirt (today).

...You can't dig your chapstick out of your purse without at least 6 stickers flying out.

...You take a cheerio shower every morning.

...You can't get a song called "Grape Jelly Cure" out of your head and repeatedly catch yourself almost singing out loud, "You take a windshield wiper from a rusty old car, five scoops of jelly from the grape jelly jar, four long whiskers from a polk-a-dotted cat, and you stir them all together withe a baseball bat" at work (today).

...You miss your third blogiversary completely, but it's okay because you know you had much better things to do...

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