Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving (Weekend)

So another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and Christmas seems to be approaching rather quickly. My dad and Ida came to our place for the holiday dinner, and Brian cooked a wonderful feast. The turkey was delicious, and we thoroughly enjoyed the visit. I was particularly impressed with Ida's apple pie, not only because it was tasty (it was), but because of her creativity with the crust:

(While it could be a "T" for "Thanksgiving" it was really for "Thomas," who certainly appreciated it.)

Today we switched from DSL to RoadRunner and digital cable. We'll be switching to cell phones only, starting next week, too. I finally have my mom's old laptop set up for wireless Internet, which is great, as I'm sitting in a nice big cozy living room chair right now.

We had to make a trip out this morning for some computer accessories in order to set up a home network (don't ask), so Brian and Thomas dropped Gabe and I off at Target for some Black Friday shopping while they went to Best Buy. I only grabbed a few things for Thomas, but they were seasonal, and I was afraid if I waited, they wouldn't be available when I go shopping in two weeks. I did manage to sneak in some festive wintry towels and washcloths too. So cute!

It was nice to spend a little down time at home after, though we had to go back out for the kids' Christmas portraits in the afternoon. We always go to JCPenney because they have been wonderful in the past, but I must say I was pretty disappointed this time. The photographer really didn't give the kids the time of day they deserved, in order to make sure they were both smiling. It seemed way too rushed. That's what we usually love about the place; they don't let you leave until they get that perfect shot. There were only a few photos taken, and I thought only one was worth considering, so that one will go on this year's cards. They also didn't ask us what background we wanted, and when I wanted to try a different background after the first, they didn't have anything remotely close to what I wanted, and that was really just a simple blue (they used to have a HUGE selection). I don't know what happened. The service was just such a downer after so many previously spectacular and memorable visits. I suppose it doesn't help that I prefer to be behind the camera. I just want to use the studio for their backgrounds and lights. Oh well. The one picture is pretty cute, so it's no big deal. Hopefully next time will be better. (We joined the portrait club in the summer; otherwise I would reconsider switching to a different studio.)

Nevertheless, the cards should still be pretty nice. Many of you will see them soon!

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