Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kids, games, adventures, books, and glitches

Update: Gabe is now 8 1/2 months, has six teeth (2 on the bottom and 4 on top), loves crawling, following Mommy, and watching Thomas, and as of last Saturday weighed about 16 1/2 pounds. (Comparatively to other babies that's small, but for him that's great!)

Tonight Brian took the rings from the Fisher Price stacker and put one on his own head. He kept it there for a few seconds and then tipped his head to make it fall off. He put one on Gabe's head, and Gabe stood stick still for a minute so that it would stay, and then he wiggled his head just a teeny bit, as though he was getting a chill, to make it fall off. It was so cute. I have some video, but it's super super dark. I guess you just had to be here.

Thomas had another asthma episode last weekend, and we narrowly escaped another trip to the ER thanks to Saturday morning hours at his doctor's office. He ended up on another course of Prednisone and is now taking Advair twice a day for the foreseeable future, plus we had to borrow the doctor's nebulizer until Monday morning, but Thomas had his own delivered that afternoon, and we haven't needed it yet, so hopefully we're on the right track. (I have asthma and also take Advair, but I have never had any episodes quite like Thomas has, so this is all a bit of a learning experience for all of us.)

He is doing well with his Tae Kwon Do. He now has two stripes (on his belt). Most importantly though, he still enjoys going there every day.

His Book It! program this year has him reading for twenty minutes every night. Not that he didn't read every night before anyway, but he loves the extra motivation of getting to color in a pumpkin each day on his calendar, so he keeps asking if he's read for his twenty minutes. (Maybe he's stopping at twenty minutes, though, when he might otherwise ready longer... Still... ) Tonight he read three books (two Berenstein Bears and a third book about a kitty) and then re-read the first one to fill in the time.

We must have hundreds of books, yet he has probably read all of the appropriate level books already. He wants to read chapter books, but the subject matter is a bit advanced in the few we have; he doesn't understand a lot of the terminology.

In the past we have generally tried to limit the number of new books we have bought for him, only because I collected children's books for a long time, so we already had a ton, but Thomas has surprised and impressed us with how quickly he took to reading and how speedy he has been at reading every book on the shelf. I'm thinking we should be able to get Gabe his own bookshelf soon after we move, and then we can separate them out by age and maybe start re-building Thomas' collection. (Most of my books were pretty girlie too!)

Yes, I said after we move. We're still working things out. The inspection was today, and the only serious issues were those that we were already aware of (Wahoo!), but the most urgent of those was the electric, and the seller's disclosure said that the house had 100 amp service, which we still knew desperately needed to be updated and planned to do ourselves shortly after moving in, but it turns out that it actually only has 60 amp service, and the home inspector seemed to think that our lender might not allow anything less than 100, so we are waiting to hear back for sure. This will be our third significant challenge with this house, and the closing is still over a month away (unless we are able to push it up - and we'll try if we can). I really hope everything else works itself out.

We're getting cautiously excited about painting and arranging and all of that stuff. I'm sure it will actually be challenging when the time comes, but since we've never been able to do that, we're having a little fun thinking up ideas. It will be a while before we can do some things, but I think we will at least try to pull up the carpet and see how the hardwood is underneath, and maybe we'll paint a couple of rooms. Here's hoping! =)

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