Thursday, April 10, 2008


Since Gabe was put on Nutramagin (at$25 per can) we have been given 8 cans of liquid formula, 6 cans of powdered formula, and 6 ready-to-feed bottles of formula. How awesome is it that people are so willing to help?! You know who you are; thank you!

Gabriel finally saw the specialist this week. He is still having problems with the reflux, but it doesn't seem to follow any pattern. Some times it's not bad, and other's it's awful (in my eyes anyway, but then I'm extra sensitive to my own baby's pain and discomfort-plus some times it appears painless)... Either way, he is gaining weight and that's the most important thing with the reflux. His doctor still thinks he needs to gain more though, so we'll start adding cereal to his bottle, and since he is still primarily breast fed, I'm going completely dairy and soy free (I have tried reducing my dairy intake some but not eliminating it altogether). As much as eating a dairy free diet will be a bit of a bug in my ear, I hope it works. I just want the reflux to stop so Gabe can feel all better. Then maybe we can stop his medicine too. That sure would be nice!

Next up, Thomas' hearing evaluation. It's always something, isn't it!

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Carmi said...

I'm always amazed at how people from near and far seem to rise to the occasion whenever a need presents itself.

It's enough to reinforce my belief that the world isn't such a bad place after all. That there is indeed hope.

He is such a sweet little munchkin! You and he are in my thoughts.