Friday, May 11, 2007

Sick days, teddy bears, and Tom

First things first: I am sick AGAIN. 2007 has been rough on the whole family. For at least two months now, at least one of us has been sick with something. Most of the time it was two or all three of us. These are not just little headaches or sniffles. These are knock-you-out, drag-you-down awful things. I know my immune system has to be about ready to give up, and I feel an intense need to detox. Why am I telling you this? I have never actually tried to do any sort of detox, so I need your advice. Have you tried this, did you find a healthy way to go about it, exactly what did you do, and how well did it work?

Onto a more enjoyable subject... I put my knitting needles aside for a few weeks last month, but finishing the endpaper mitts put me back in the groove. I started this hooded baby jacket (yet another pattern found in Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss) and completed most of it last weekend before realizing I had somehow managed to finish the left or right front in such a way to be off by one row - and still pieced it all together without noticing. It was going so well too. I loved the way it was turning out, and the yarn was sooo soft. I will start it again. In the meantime I finally found yarn from a matching lot needed in order to complete a semi-secret project I started months ago. I can't hold it secret any longer. There is just too much to share. It's the teddy bear from the same book. Photo here. I made all ten pieces and started assembling them last night. Below, photos as evidence. (Sorry they're so dark.) Hopefully I'll finish soon. I don't mind sewing up the seams and stuffing each piece. I'm not so big, however, on sewing all the pieces together. It can be painstaking to get it to look just right.

Of course, Tommy has done some creating of his own, and my post would not be complete if I didn't share this photo. How I love that smile.

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