Monday, May 07, 2007

Patterns in Texture

I realize I know nothing about photography. That doesn't change how much I enjoy playing with the camera. Some times it's a texture that catches my eye, or a pattern. Some times I just like the complex uniformity of a dish filled to the brim or a patch of tan grass covered with vibrant orange-red leaves. Usually it's an animated expression or nature bathed in sunlight that makes me want to capture what I see. Occasionally I get a bit frustrated when I can't focus in such a way to share with you exactly what I'm looking at. I can't tell if I'm not using the camera correctly or if I would have better luck with manual focus. (Our camera has the basic zoom functions, but once you zoom in or out, it still automatically focuses on something, and that sometimes isn't what I'm looking for.) Maybe in time I will learn how to get that perfect blur in the background or that sparkling shine on a ladybug's wing. Until then, it's all an experiment.

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