Monday, January 02, 2012

I'm having trouble choosing what to share from this holiday season; it overflowed with excitement and wonder.  The gears were in motion by Thanksgiving and never seemed to slow after that.  Thomas entertained us with his first violin concert, annual school holiday chorus concert, a spelling bee, tae kwon do promotional exam and separate ceremony; he and Gabe participated in the church Christmas pageant, I brought the boys to New Hampshire for one Christmas celebration and we all hosted Brian's family at our own home for another, I filled orders, mailed Christmas cards, ordered presents, baked cookies, breads, and pies, made Christmas candy, wrapped, cleaned, decorated... and then pretty much fell over flat by the time Christmas hit.  Was it all worth it? Absolutely.  Would I do it all again? You betcha.  Could I pretend to tell you I wasn't exhausted and next to completely useless during the whole week between Christmas and New Years? Not a chance!

Even narrowing it down to a few special memories is challenging this time around, though a couple of obvious things do stand out; first of all, Brian's family traveled all the way from Wisconsin and New York City to be here with us, and that was a special treat.  Usually our Christmas is a pretty quiet one, and while there are good things that go along with that, we always miss our extended family. Also, my father came out for a visit in early December and spent some quality time with all of us.  All the things the boys do are always special.  I will remember, in particular, my first time seeing Thomas perform on violin, as well as he and Gabe dressed up like a wise man and a lamb on Christmas Eve.

Something else, though, has etched its beautiful photograph in my mind, and it's something of a different sort.  Amidst all the chaos (yes, good, fun, healthy CHAOS), God blessed me this year through two amazing women. We all belong to the same online group where we share and bond with other Christian women.  In their incredible thoughtfulness and selflessness, they sent me twelve days of Christmas gifts as a random act of kindness. I was quite simply blown away.  From the book to the notes, the verses, and of course, the gifts, I wish to thank them (you) both from the bottom of my heart.  You have touched me in a way that will bring joy to me every Christmas as long as I live, and many times in between.  I cannot fully put into words what your generosity means to me.  THANK YOU!  God is alive in you in the most touching way.  May you be blessed abundantly!

Since I can't seem to choose from the other photos, please feel free to browse my December uploads on flickr.  I hope you had a wonderful, blessed Christmas, yourself. ♥

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