Thursday, December 08, 2011


I guess all that reading has paid off; Thomas participated in the school spelling bee today, after succeeding through the first two rounds of competition and making it to the top of his class last week. Today's spelling bee was for fourth and fifth graders only (Thomas is in the fourth grade), but the winners will go on to compete with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders as well, and ultimately for a chance to win a trip to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, DC.

Thomas didn't make it past today's competition, but he did very well, making it through several rounds of words before misspelling "apron." He was one of 12 qualifying participants in today's spelling bee, out of a possible 111. I figure he'll be in a good position to try again next year. Way to go, Thomas!


Caitlin said...

Go Thomas!!! That's truly awesome news & definitely cause for celebration. I <3 your blog Sarah, I can hear your voice in your writing so clearly. Cheers to the literally gifted Cuddys!

SJ said...

Thank you Caitlin!

Eric Reamer said...

Apron! He missed apron! How can someone who bakes as well as you do, have a child who misspells "apron"? :) Oh well, I guess you had better begin to prepare Thomas for next year. Here is a list of words you might want to begin with:


Anyway, congratulations Thomas!


SJ said...

Ha ha. Oddly enough I haven't worn an apron in many years, though I have recently been thinking that I should; I often find myself covered in flour! We'll work on those words. :)