Monday, May 16, 2011


Logan doesn't usually fight bed time at all. Whether it's because he likes climbing the stairs, turning on the night light, or what, I don't know, but it starts with brushing his teeth. As soon as I mention it he says, "Bruh!" (brush) and runs toward the bathroom. He doesn't leave until he has requested his cup ("Puck!") of water. Then he runs around saying a very quick, "Na, nie" (night, night) to all and heads straight for the stairs, provided he has already been changed; otherwise he will yell, "Dee-da!" (diaper) first. He'll even run to the far end of the room, once upstairs, and lay right down on the floor in preparation for his diaper. Granted, whether or not he will agree to actually getting in the crib varies from night to night; he loves running around on the carpeted floor upstairs, and he doesn't like to give up the opportunity to enjoy such an activity, though often once in my arms he will lean toward the crib and say, "Down." Some times that means he wants to get all the way down, but often it means he is ready for bed.

Tonight he wasn't so keen on running up to bed. I usually brush his teeth, but this time Brian and I switched some of our usual duties, and when he was all done I came prepared to usher Sweet Mr. Logan to bed. He had other ideas, immediately shaking his head and saying, "No." I squatted down and held my arms out, asking for hugs, and he came toward me, put his forehead to my lips so that I could kiss him, ran directly into the living room, saying "Dowch" (couch), and climbed right on up. I wonder if he thought it was me who would go to bed and he who would stay up late with Daddy.

Of course I scooped him up anyway, but I let him flip the light switch on the way up, and he quickly gave up his fight. Now, I typically stay with him until he falls asleep, but I don't hold him or lay with him. Some times though, to encourage that it really is time to lay down and sleep, I will lay down next to the crib. Lately I have been giving him my hand. --At nap time today he said "grace" and then "hand" because he wanted to hold my hand like he does when we say grace together at the table. Is that not just the cutest? Well tonight he needed some help pulling down his pant legs, so accordingly he said, "Pants!" After helping him with both legs a few times since he kept hiking them back up, I told him it was time to lay down and go to sleep now, so he said, "Okay," and lay down on his tummy. How long he will remain so cooperative I don't know, but for now he amazes me in this way! Anyway, once he was down and holding my hand again, and he had kicked his feet against the mattress for a while as he does when he is almost out, I was pretty sure he was just about asleep. Then I sneezed. It was not a small sneeze. He opened his eyes wide, and said "Oessyou!" which means, "bless you," of course. He sat up straight and practiced saying "bless you" for a while before ultimately settling back down for the night.

No, I don't think he could get any sweeter. He'll often even refrain from getting angry when Gabe gets angry with him for taking a toy that he didn't know Gabe wanted. Gabe will still be getting upset when Logan will look back at Gabe as if nothing ever happened, hand him the toy, and say, "Hee-ah," which means, "here." Tonight Tom brought out an old toy from his room. It has lots of toddler-sized round pegs that can be stuck into holes in a board or stacked inside one another. All three of them were playing with them. There was a bit of arguing about who needed more or what color, and Logan had his fair share, so I said to Thomas, "Logan is usually pretty agreeable. If you ask him for whatever you need, he will probably just give it to you," and Thomas replied with a very surprised, "Oh! Really?" He then stopped trying to reason with Gabe and asked Logan, and sure enough Logan handed over the toy.

I realize this may not last very long, but I'm eating it up right now! Don't get me wrong; he and Gabe do quarrel over toys from time to time, and I know that Logan is likely to grow more possessive in time, but one thing I have learned only through the incredible experience of motherhood is that a child's personality is not 100% experience based. There is clearly an element of individual wiring in each of my boys, and I love that. It gives me new things to love about each one. Logan's personality, so far, has been very easy going and happy. Sure, he gets into trouble, but afterward he's often ready with a great big hug, and he gives great hugs. He can also be eager for crazy excitement and join in with the wild antics of his two favorite brothers, and like other toddlers, he isn't a particular fan of staying in one place, but I think he also takes comfort in the company of his big brothers, and it shows. Have I mentioned how much I love him? ...How much I love all of them? Well... I do. :)

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