Friday, January 28, 2011

Facebook killed my blog.

Has it happened to you too? Blogging used to be my favorite way to share photos and the occasional anecdote, but now I feel like I am just being repetitive when I post here. Sadly, though, I know I am now neglecting to record precious moments and memories in a fun medium. I do miss blogging, so I'm not going anywhere just yet, but I can't promise how long I'll last!

In other news, I have serious, unhealthy, sinful, obsessive Kindle envy. I have joined three different reward sites in hopes of earning my way to the thousands of points necessary for all the amazon e-certificates I can get my hands on. I have a long way to go, but if I ever get there, at least I know I will have a good system in place for earning the cash needed to buy a few e-books. :)

Knitting, on the other hand, has taken a temporary back seat to, well, everything else.

What are my boys up to? For starters, Gabe is now 3!

The shirt he has on in the picture is one he picked out for himself. We walked by it at WalMart and he got all excited, saying, "A Speed, I am Speed shirt!!!" (That's what he calls Lightning McQueen and all other cars from the movie; that's a story for another day.) I grabbed a slightly different one because I didn't see this one in his size at first, and he quickly pointed out that I had taken the wrong one. Then he carried this one through the store while we bought a few groceries. I have to say, he made the right choice, though I am still amused at how particular he is. On second thought, his momma can be pretty particular too. :)

Thomas is keeping busy; almost too busy. He is involved in some great activities though, and I think they are all worth his time. Despite the increasing troubles with his ADHD symptoms (they always get worse as the school year progresses), he is doing very well academically too. He has recently picked up his reading habit again, fueled in part, I think, by A Pitch in Time, by Robert A. Lytle, which he has been reading for the advanced learners program at his school. I love how much he enjoys a good book. (I plan to get him a Kindle too... Ssshhhhh.) His Odyssey of the Mind problem is coming along too. I hope to be able to attend the competition, but there's no way Gabe and Logan would last all day, so we'll have to find out (that day) what time Thomas' group will be going and hope we can work something out. As great of an activity as it is though, I have to admit that I will be glad when we finally get those weeknights back! Otherwise, his next tae kwon do promotional exam is coming up in a couple of weeks, and he'll be going for advanced blue.

Logan, poor baby Logan, is sick. He has a nasty cold with a low grade fever, and he has been hanging out in my arms all day. (It has taken as long for me to get this far.) This morning I decided it might be time to try laying him down for an early nap, and I asked if he was ready. He gave me a loud and clear, "Nooooo," and about ten seconds later I looked down, and he was asleep on my lap. Knowing how uncomfortable he would be laying down, I let him stay with me until I had to make lunch for Gabe. Of course, when I did try to lay him down he woke up and then continued to spend the rest of the afternoon in and out of sleep on my shoulder. He's finally starting to perk back up now, in that still sick, eyes-half-closed, chapped-red-cheeks sort of way - and even accepting a cracker and fluids.

When he's not sick, though, he's practicing his walking and perusing all the books he can get his little hands on. He's also beginning to expand his vocabulary. I'm pretty sure his current favorite word is "truh" (truck), though I still love his "wow" and "woah," amongst others. He's such a little sweetie. I'm not sure I'm ready for him to get too much bigger.

Brian is out straight. Between working full time, finishing up his master's degree, assistant coaching Odyssey of the Mind, running Thomas around when I need a hand, and taking care of the house, driveway, and cars, he has no time for rest. I have to admit that I have been feeling especially overwhelmed lately, myself, but such is life with three boys, two of whom are still pretty little. Hopefully one day I will breathe a sigh of relief that I managed to get through it all with a tiny spec of my sanity still intact. No? (Please don't tell me if I'm wrong. I think it's better that I just pretend, for now, at least!)


caitlin said...

I love being in touch on Facebook but I will always read your blog -- i LOVE your writing style, keep it up! You are amazing rocking life with 3 kiddos, I can barely keep up with one! Anyway, I will always prefer reading about your adventures here as a welcome break from the frantic pace of Facebook (and life :). Bless your heart and your family - you DEFINITELY deserve a whole slew of Kindles!! :)

SJ said...

Thanks Caitlin! ♥

Passionate Blogger said...

Life is always interesting, with kids around. Tiring, yes, but no less interesting as well. I have 5, so I understand. Aren't we blessed!