Friday, May 14, 2010

Six Precious Months

Logan's half birthday was one week ago, and he has changed so much! I thought it might be fun to take a quick look back.

Here he is in the hospital, all tiny and sleepy:

And here he is at one month, to the day. Goofy picture, I know.

This was taken the same day.

Two months and sleeping like an angel:

and a few days later, showing off his fuzzy hair...

Three months and trying out the bebe pod:

Showing some personality (and losing all that hair) at four months:

Five months old and cute as a button:

And now, six months old and onto big people stuff:

I'd love to go back and pick out my favorites. (These were just the ones I took on or near the 7th of each month.) Then again, there is a reason I'm so behind... There just isn't enough time! I still have lots more to share, however, so I will definitely be back soon!

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AJR said...

Can't wait to meet the whole fam! And by the way, I spoke to Laura on Saturday night and she and Mike are up for haning out!