Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Shouldn't I Be Sleeping?

Somebody is way behind on her holiday knitting, though there are a couple of things in the works. Of course, I can't share details, but I can't help but give just one little sneak peek.

My life is still cruising in the fast lane, crashing through one adventure, only to be chased by yet another.

There is a much greater chance that we may actually get the house now, though we still don't know for sure and are playing a great big waiting game right now. As time goes on we become more and more anxious. All we are waiting on now is the seller's bank. If they approve the short sale within any reasonable amount of time, we will finally reschedule our closing date and start making plans to have the whole house re-wired, then seal and paint all the walls, and move in!

On a much more somber note, Thomas had another visit to the ear specialist on Monday, and it did not go well. The doctor said that, based on what he saw, there is at least a 90% chance that Thomas does in fact have a cholesteatoma, and he sent Thomas for another CT today. Our previous few visits had been so promising too. Hopefully we will get the results of the CT soon, and they won't be as bad as the first. We're fully expecting to have to schedule another surgery ASAP, but maybe if we expect the worst... Murphy's Law will kick in... Right?

Thomas has been pretty good about it so far, anyway. Here he is, rowing his "boat."

(Somehow laundry baskets, wooden spoons, and blankets always beat out actual toys.)

He has his first belt test in a couple of days. I know he really wants it, so I'm hopeful for him. I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to attend though. Work, work, work!

Oh, and here's Gabe taking his turn in the boat:

I so wish I could spend my days at home with them both.

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