Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two Weeks

It's hard to believe Gabriel is already two weeks old. It feels as though he could have just been born yesterday. On the other hand I'm starting to understand some of his cues a little better, and he has spent more time awake today than any other so far. He is a big eater, a happy one while awake, and he will only tolerate being put down when he is not already asleep (and he doesn't fall asleep without nursing, so that has been a challenge). Yesterday he looked like he SO wanted to smile. I knew it was too early, but he sure did look happy. Tommy was my witness. He has been amazing. He continues to wait patiently for a day when he can make Gabe laugh and seems to enjoy big-brotherhood in the meantime. Thomas has been sick all week, so he has had to keep his distance, but he appears to be on the mend today, so hopefully he'll be able to get closer this weekend, when we'll be home for the Super Bowl. Go Pats!!!

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AJR said...

Are you sure he's only two weeks old?! He looks so different than your first pictures...but definitely adorable!