Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Clessidra Progress and an Apology

It has been very slow going... mostly because I've just been super busy (and sick, yet again-I swear I AM taking my vitamins), but I can at least share some rough photos. (I'll be more careful to photograph them in better light and focus once I have at least one finished.) They look better in person though I should probably have used different yarn. The alpaca will have its own characteristics that might work out okay in the end, but the yarn wasn't spun evenly, so even though my stitches are typically quite even, they really don't look it. The good news is that I like the pattern enough to eventually buy some KP Gloss and knit another pair. In fact I already have some color ideas...

If I haven't commented on your blog lately please forgive me. In combination with the fact that life has been more hectic lately than usual, I haven't been spending much time online in the evenings since we watch the Red Sox games on the computer. One of these days I hope to catch up. I have lots of photos to share from last weekend's trip to Boston too. The plan is to post them over the weekend, but I'm working, so we'll see!

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